Tuesday, June 15, 2010

New Job!

So today I am officially employed by Universal Studios Orlando! I am so excited! I am hired as a "Jaws" attractions operator! I am the "skipper" that leads the boat tour around Amity island and shows you all the historical places where the movie took place many years ago, but of course there has not been a shark sighting in years, but who knows may on the one ride that you chose to go on, we may see something unexpected! It is totally my kind of job, an amusement park, working in attractions, and acting all day long! I am so thrilled! Another reason why I am so ecstatic is because Universal employees get into the parks for free, I get my ID card on Wednesday so I can start going on the park, and The Wizarding World of Harry Potter opens on Friday! I am going to go opening day!! (Maybe before if they'll let me!) This is the beginning of a new and brief chapter in my life, (Chapter 21: The Summer of 20-ten) If I was writing a book about my life. LOVES TO ALL! ;-)