Friday, February 12, 2010

29 Days

So as many of you know for spring break I am going with one of my best friends in the whole wide world Lisha Lynn Michel to DISNEYLAND! We are 29 days away from our trip and we kinda have some fun stuff planned but our latest development to the trip is our "Kissing Schedule" You see Lisha and I have a little bit of a history in this department, we have kissed a total of 5 times! Now a little bit of back story, Lisha and I both have a bunch of pictures on Facebook so we decided that we would double those pictures on this trip... we also decided we would double the times we have kissed... so the times we have chosen to do said kissing are...

  • At the Beach
  • Under the Castle
  • On the Haunted Mansion
  • At the front of the park
  • and at the Finale of the firework show

So this is going to be an interesting trip for the both of us! :-)

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Life... In general

Life is a strange thing to me, its full of sorrow, disappointment, anger, hate, cheating, lies, revenge, and so many other bad and evil things and yet we still mange to love just living. I always say how happy I am to be alive when in all actuality sometimes just being alive sucks! You see all the bad stuff and the negative is the big stuff the stuff that is right in front of our faces! And sometimes someone comes along and moves those dark clouds away from our lives and that is what makes life worth living, our friends. I love my friends more than they know! :-) One day they will realize how much they mean to me! In the mean time, focus on the positive, not the negative and try to have a great day! :-) (This may have been me trying to convince myself)