Friday, February 12, 2010

29 Days

So as many of you know for spring break I am going with one of my best friends in the whole wide world Lisha Lynn Michel to DISNEYLAND! We are 29 days away from our trip and we kinda have some fun stuff planned but our latest development to the trip is our "Kissing Schedule" You see Lisha and I have a little bit of a history in this department, we have kissed a total of 5 times! Now a little bit of back story, Lisha and I both have a bunch of pictures on Facebook so we decided that we would double those pictures on this trip... we also decided we would double the times we have kissed... so the times we have chosen to do said kissing are...

  • At the Beach
  • Under the Castle
  • On the Haunted Mansion
  • At the front of the park
  • and at the Finale of the firework show

So this is going to be an interesting trip for the both of us! :-)


LishKishBish said...

Epic...hahaha only with You Tanner. Love you sweetie!!! Can't wait for our fun trip :D

lexa Jean said...

Tanner Snow!! man i've stumbled upon a few blogs tonight.. I didn't know you had a blog... I've blogged for over a year, and thought I was the only one our age that did.. Thought I'd say hi!! And have fun... I've never made it yet to disney land ha ha

Tanner Snow said...

Alexa! I would like to check out your post if you would let me! It says that I have to request or be invited, so I'm asking you! I have only just recently started but I like it a lot!