Sunday, November 14, 2010

Tanner: Newest Model

I have been thinking the past few days, I am happier now in my life than I ever have been before! I am in the best physical condition, best mental condition, and I am in a really awesome geological location! But I still have somethings in my life I would like to see improved. They say a goal is only a dream unless you write it down... and since our generation only knows how to use a key board and not a pen, I'm going to "write it down" here on my blog!

  • It may be very shallow or vain of me, but I have always wanted to have a "hot body" more specifically, abs! Right now I am in the best physical shape of my life and have a flat stomach, so for my first "improvement" I'd like to make, is to work out more... I would like to go to the gym at least two days a week and do sit ups and push ups everyday.
  • The second kind of goes along with the first, I would like to start eating healthier, I have a pretty bad habit of eating out at fast food restaurants and drinking a lot of soda, which is so good and so yummy but at the same time harmful to my body. I'm not saying that I'll be able to give up fast food, soda and sweets completely because sometimes its just a convenience, I mean its fast food! Food that is fast! But just not eat so much of it.
  • My third has to do with finances. I need to start saving more money. Soon I will be at a place where I can be living on my own, which means that I will need money for a car, rent, groceries, cell phone, and all the other things which I really don't have to worry about right now. I have 2 jobs right now, Universal Studios, and Chili's. I haven't started making an income of chili's right now, but the perspective plan right now is to put my entire Universal paycheck into a savings account since I am only part time there, so the checks wont be that much anyway, then I can use the tips that I get from Chili's as fun money and the actual pay check for needs, such as gas, food, and other important things, that way I can have some money for fun, put aside a big chunk sum into savings and necessity money.
  • My last goal is to stay more connected with my family. I am here in Orlando so much and get caught up with my friends and work that I don't really make that much time for either of my families. I don't call home as much as I should, and I don't spend enough time playing with my little brothers. So I am going to try and call home and talk to my siblings at least twice a month, and also I would like to spend about an hour a day when I am home playing and hanging out with my brothers instead of sleeping and resting while I am home. Family is one of the most important things in my life and I would hate to see it slip away because of a lack on my part.
These are the goals that I have set for myself to help improve my already high happiness level and make me a better person to my friends, my family and most importantly to myself! ;-)


Michael S Johnson said...

I love it! :D Since we are going to be living together again (!!!!!!!!) we can motivate each other! I love you! :D

Corey said...

cute! i love that you are doing so well and are revising your goals and aiming even higher! :) fantastic! :)

also, i am envisioning the final product of goal number one. ;) and let me tell you, Tanner, you look good ;)

haha break a lucky Mr.!