Friday, April 9, 2010

Disneyworld Auditions and Florida!

This week I'm going to have the opportunity to go to the wonderful state of Florida! I'm not sure if it really that wonderful but I'm going to think it is because that is where it is warm and where Disneyworld is! I'm flying out there on Tuesday for 2 reasons, first to meet Clark and his family, he is who I will be staying with. My Florida family consists of Clark, Deidre, Cameron, Lucas and Logan. I'll upload a picture of the family so you can see.

The Second reason I'm going to Florida is to Audition for Disneyworld. I audition on the 15th at 4:00 P.M. I'm pretty sure this is the biggest audition of my life so far! But Hopefully I will have many more opportunities to audition for many great schools, shows, companies... etc. I am lucky to have such great supporters behind me to help me prepare, celebrate, cry on their shoulders when I am getting ready, make, or realize I just wasn't what they were looking for in the audition. I have the most amazing family a guy could ask for, I have most amazing friends that you could ever imagine.

One thing that has been on my mind a lot lately is my life, past, present and future. I was talking with a good friend at lunch today about where our lives could be in 3 years from now. It occurred to me that one year ago today, April 9, 2009, I was planning on going to Weber State, I would have been with my high school friends because that is where most of them planned on going to as well. But look where I am right, I'm at a great College, with a great scholarship, I've made great friends and made lifelong relationships. But that got me thinking, where could I be one year from today, I could be doing something that I never in a million years would think could happen. What if I make Disney? What if I find some other audition and make that? What if I end up going to a different school next year? Just a lot to think about in life!

I am sure there about 3 of you who read me rambling on about randomness but Thanks for taking the time to read about my life! I love you all!! :-)


Holly said...

Tanner, FLORIDA IS WONDERFUL!! How could it NOT be with DISNEYWORLD??? It is plush and green! The sun shines! When it rains, it POURS and the thunder ROARS while bolts of lightening literally CRACK across the sky. You'll have to adjust to the humidity but it's worth it! I grew up in FL and look forward to taking my family back to my old stomping ground to vacation!

The last time I was in Florida was when my dad died in 2001. He lived in Cape Coral at that time. There are things I MISS! However, the BUGS are NOT in that category!! ;p

I'm so proud of how mature and understanding you are with the adjustments to expanding your family view... to more family to love, and love YOU! You KNOW how much your parents love you! They raised you well. Now you get another set of parents (and siblings) Your mom knew that you were mature enough to handle the new information and the timing is so GREAT for you being able to spend time with them around your audition. More bonds!

You are truly LUCKY that this is a good situation. My 12 yr old was adopted by my husband. He knows that he isn't his biological father, but he's the only father he's ever known. I pray that he never desires to seek out the other man because it would not be a good experience. This man had a protective order against him, which he violated repeatedly and had a warrant out for his arrest. The courts determined that if he ever wanted to visit with him, it would only be by supervision of child protective services. I tell you this just so you further appreciate that yours is a happy and welcome situation in comparison. You are truly blessed!

Have a safe and enjoyable trip! Enjoy getting to know your other family and do as good as I KNOW YOU CAN for your audition! The Lord works in mysterious ways... maybe this is a window of opportunity! I can't wait to find out how it all turns out! (((HUGS))) ;D

Jenae said...

Hello Tanner,
I hope you have a wonderful trip. Your Florida family is very excited for your visit. The rest of us are looking forward to meeting you this summer! Good luck with the Disney audition. We'll be thinking of you.
Jenae (Clarks sister)

DEIDRE said...

I love your blog and am very happy to see you are sharing this exciting time in your life. This is definitely not your everyday 18 year olds life story. We are amazed that you have been brought into our life and we are so excited for the future. I am looking forward to many great things with you one is laughter I told Clark the other day I just can't wait to hear Tanner laughing with us and with the boys, we do a lot of that in our house. It could be because we are pretty dang funny or very happy I guess both but I can't wait for you to join in!!! I hope this week is another life changing moment for all of us. We are so blessed to have you in our family. It will be very interesting to build a relationship with you as an adult. Our parenting experience is only with younger children we have no teenagers in the house just lots of toys and a ridiculous amount of diapers. I think all of your siblings in UT are all teens so it will be very different but hopefully you will love it.

Time together is the only thing we are missing and that will change very soon. I am very excited for your visit with us I hope it is Truly Magical. I hope that you feel comfortable in our home. I hope you feel familiar with your brothers and Clark. I hope you feel loved, special and free to be yourself. I hope that we will become great friends. I also have very high hopes that you will love Orlando and your opportunities here and want to spend a lot of time in the SUNSHINE State. I can't wait to meet you in person!!! Pack your bags it is going to be a GREAT trip!!!

Sheraya said...

Tanner, it seems to me that possibly 4 people read your blog. :)